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[A lot has been happening around the village ever since the end of the draft. Well, no--that isn't right. Even before the draft started strange things have been happening. Things disappearing (whole buildings at that), being replaced... Not that that isn't unusual for a place like Luceti but this... this is lasting so much longer than most of the experiments.

It doesn't help matters that things have gotten worse since the end of the draft.  Whatever happened during the draft, he isn't entirely sure, though he can guess it wasn't good, even as someone who didn't go and helped the injured in the village, but... it seems to have affected a lot of the people who went, even Firo, who's been having nightmares about it... It all makes Seto worried for everyone.

But even caught up in his thoughts as he is, it doesn't stop him from going to run errands for his housemates. So anyone who stops by the plaza today might see Seto crouched down by a tree and petting a kitty with a bag of groceries at his side, thinking quietly to himself.

Though when something behind him suddenly disappears (a bench or a trashcan maybe), the cat runs and he blinks and turns to watch it. When he stands up, albeit confused, he staggers--his vision nearly cuts out, like he had gotten up too fast though worse, turning so blurry that all he can see are distorted shapes and colors. It makes him nauseous and dizzy and he winds up tripping on himself, faceplanting into the ground with a yelp.

...Well, this might be a familiar sight to some people. Anyone care to check on him?]

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jesus deer for crow )


[Today, the people of Luceti may come across a rather curious duo. Normally, seeing Crow and Seto together is not strange at all--in fact, it's practically the norm, but after a week or so of being gone, when they return, they are noticeably different.

Seto has clearly been affected by his "mallynap", as he's now a little boy instead of a young adult. Unlike the Seto we all know and love, this Seto has yet to experience large crowds of people, or even seeing so many people in general, so there's a lot of wide-eyed staring as he looks around as well as looking back to make sure he's not too far away from his odd companion.

Crow, on the other hand, appears almost exactly the same as before he was taken in for experimentation too...except for some odd differences. His bright green eyes are now a dull, lifeless grey, and he's quieter than usual, barely saying a word, and when he does, there's very little emotion put into it. For now, he's sort of aimlessly following along behind Seto, or occasionally stopping to stare at people or things.

Well, hopefully this will wear off soon, but otherwise they're both lost and confused at the moment. Would you like to offer a helping hand?

(ooc: Seto and Crow have been de-aged as their mallynap effect upon their return. Both of them will be replying per thread, unless specified otherwise.)]
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[Ever since the last experiment ended, it's made Seto come to realize a lot… a lot about how much has changed in his life in the two and a half years he’s been in Luceti. How much he’s changed.

When the experiment started… Seto woke up almost in the same condition he was when he first arrived in Luceti, though a little worse off in some ways. He was fifteen again—two years younger than he is now. He was thin, his muscles weaker and his body wasn't in that great of shape along with his health because of the lack of proper nutrition all his life.

What was different though... what was different was that when he woke up, he believed himself to be all alone in the world. The only person he had ever known in his life died and he just finished burying him in the front yard. He didn't know of the survivors his grandfather spoke about in his letter yet, he hadn't read that his Grandfather told him thank you for the first time in his life, he hadn't seen the silver haired girl or met PF, Crow, Chiyo or Sai. The happy and sad memories he created with them... he didn't get to experience yet.

He was... truly all alone in the world at that moment.

That's why when he stepped outside that day, when he saw all of the people here, even the ones he thought of as his family and friends before... he was scared of them. Seeing them threw him into a panic because he wasn't ready to see them, his mind wasn't ready to see them. Not how after the condition of his world left him...

Now here he is today, a seventeen year old boy. He’s stronger and taller than he was back then, even his hair is longer. He lives a healthy life, able to eat meats, vegetables, fruits and desserts whenever he wants. Every day he trains with a sword given to him by a friend who left a long time ago with the techniques Terra and Jin both taught him.

He has a family; Firo, his older brother (though he acts like more of a mother), Tsuzuki, someone he still sees as his father with the lingering feelings from the experiment months ago, Crow, his best friend, a more special case in the sense of family--he isn't quite a brother but he is most definitely family in a unique way.... then there was Mia who was like an older sister to him and Emil, his twin older brother... hell, anyone he's become friends with is like his family.  Even those who have left are still his family, like Ange.

He doesn’t take what he has here for granted, he cherishes it. He cherishes the things he’s never had. A family, warm and fresh food, good health, a warm place to sleep, good clothes to wear that fit him as he grows… Though as much as it scares him to think about, he has to wonder... when he's seventeen in his world, what will he be like then? Will he even still be alive?

It's late when he opens his journal to voice his thoughts]

You know… it’s really amazing, how much we can change in just a few years. I knew that a lot of things had changed in my life since I've been here but... during the last experiment I guess I just... was reminded of how different things were for me back then... [Not that Seto forgot how his life was back home. He could never forget. It's just fresh in his mind again

There's a beat]

Sorry, I'm just thinking out loud. Anyways, does anyone want to come outside and look at the stars with me? I know it’s getting colder outside but I have blankets and hot cocoa to stay warm. I'll be outside house forty-eight if anyone wants to come by. [And true to his word, Seto will be outside his house, looking through a telescope in his front yard.]
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[ It’s been over two weeks since the New Year started, since Seto has considered himself yet another year older. That makes him seventeen this year, two years older than what he arrived here as.

Seto has never celebrated his birthday in his whole life. He’s celebrated his friend’s birthdays here, but not his nor even the old man’s back home. For as long as he can remember, his grandfather would just mark him a year older every year at some point. It isn’t likely that the old man actually knew when his real birthday was since he had only been with him since he was five. He was just an old man he lived with, an old man he rarely spoke to even until the very end.

But in his world, there had never been a point to celebrate a birthday or a way to, because they have nothing, not like they do here in Luceti. Not to mention, whoever is born into his world would have nothing to know of the date they were born. Survivors too because even if they remembered their birthdays, they would've no doubt lost track of time and dates.

There was never any to tell what month is coming up or which is ending. The only way to tell what time of the year it must be was when seasons would begin to change, watching the leaves, grass and temperature all change. It's how things were for him and his grandfather at least. He can't speak for the survivors whom he doesn't even know are alive, only assume if there are even any.

...It makes him wonder briefly to himself if the silver haired girl and Crow know theirs at all.

He's not one to complain, and really he won't, not about this. But... it would still be nice to have just one day that he can celebrate his birth, to be grateful for still being alive for another year when all others have died and to be grateful to his parents for giving birth to him. ]

What do you do when you don’t have a birthday? Like you can’t remember when it is. [The question comes after a moment after he opens up his journal.] Is there any way to just... make up a birthday?
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sad tl;dr stuff )

It takes him a few minutes before he finally grabs his journal and opens it up to make the annoucement. It’s been a while since he’s done something like this so for a good few seconds, there’s nothing but silence as he tries to bring himself to say those words.]

…Lightning has been sent home. [Said gently and sadly. He pets Baldr's head as he lays down beside him.]

I… don’t know if she left anything behind for anyone. I went to her house but nothing’s there. [Granted he didn’t snoop around but he felt it was wrong to do so, even though she isn’t here anymore.

He still feels like he has to be careful where he steps when it comes to her. He wanted to gain her trust back, he was slowly getting there but now… no, come now Seto, maybe she’ll come back one day. And he can try again, even start from scratch if he has to.

“Friends always see each other again.”


He isn't sure what else to say so there's a long pause before he speaks up again.]
Does anyone want to go on a walk with Baldr and I? I know it’s cold but I think he’s sad… [Seto’s no expert on dogs by any means, he’s more of a cat whisperer, but still. Maybe a walk will do him some kind of good. Seto too.

Whether anyone has decided to join him or not, a little bit after his entry goes up, Seto will be walking around the village bundled up with a big black dog at his side. He’ll be seen just about anywhere around the village so feel free to bug him!]

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--at the right button...?  Ah... I really hope it was.  [Being blind definitely has it's disadvantages.  It was only by luck that he managed to feel around and find a journal just laying in the wet grass beside him.  No doubt his, but he's still kinda wary about using it since he can't confirm that.

He'll have to apologize if it isn't his. 

Seto clears his throat and wipes the water off his face] 

U-Um, can anyone hear me?  I could really use some help I don't... know where I am.  I still can't see anything.

[The least the Malnosso could do was give him back more of his sight jeez... ] B-But I do know I'm beside a river! [Not.  That that will help too much but he's trying.  He can only do so much]  I'm sorry...

[If you happen to be out and about near building 6, you might spot Seto wandering along the river, wondering which way to go.  He's at a bit of a loss]

((ooc: so mini player plot is starting \o\ Details here, you're free to join still if you'd like!  Also tags will come slow today, my allergies are flaring up))
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[The video comes on rather abruptly and as it turns on, it's falling to the ground.  It had slid off the bed along with Seto who had been yanked off his bed by a mysterious someone.]

Huh?  W-Who--? [When the journal lands, it's tilting up just enough so you can see Seto in the corner of the screen. He's staring at something he can't see, something off screen that has a pretty strong hold of his arm.  He reaches forward hesitantly to touch the arm that's grabbing his.

It's.. not human.  It's cold.  

He tries to pull back but the droid keeps him in place.]

No... L-Let go.... [His heart racing, he starts to panic more]  L-Let go!!  LET ME GO!!  FIRO!! [He struggles to get his arm free but the droid just drags him off the screen and a moment later, Seto falls silent.  The sound of metallic footsteps fades as it leaves the room then after a moment, more yelling erupts from just outside]
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Hey everyone! I found a friend of mine from my world in the item shop the other day. It's amazing! I had no idea she could be brought here too. [especially after what happened back home] This place really is full of surprises...

Anyways... Go on, say hi. [There's no noise whatsoever for a minute or two, but then it sounds like... something's rewinding? Like an VCR rewinding a tape. You can hear the smile in Seto's voice]

PF, aren't you going to say something?

I... do not know what to say. [A woman's voice, but something is off about it. It's sounds artificial yet it has some emotion.]

[Seto just laughs] Come on, you said talking was your favorite thing to do.

Well yes, but I...

Don't be shy!

I am not being shy!

[Another chuckle]

Why are you laughing?

You're funny PF.

You really believe that I am... funny?

Mm, I do. [ ... ] Hey let's go for a walk, Firo shouldn't mind now that I have you.

If you insist. But what about the reco- [Oops. Seto shut the journal, totally forgetting that he had opened it and started recording in the first place]


[Walking about the village today, Seto may appear to be talking to himself, but whenever he pauses to wait for a reply, he actually gets one. The voice seems as if it's coming from out of no where, but really, it's coming from the robot that he's holding in his arms. In fact, that little robot has been keeping him from tripping and running into things. She's telling him exactly where to go and what to look out for. Feel free to bump into them anywhere!]

((OOC: I'm going to leave these two videos if you want to see PF in Fragile Dreams.  If you have any questions feel free to ask!  I would rant about her here but I'll just TL;DR haha... anyways yep.  The teal-y colored text is PF.  Also this isn't a joint post, I was given permission by a mod to let Seto just find PF here))
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[Unfortunately, Seto has been put on lock down pretty much.  Firo managed to convince him to stay put inside or just out in the front yard since he's been wandering off too far lately.  But fortunately (or unfortunately for Firo) because of his vision, Seto has no idea how long the front yard goes for.  

So starting off at house 48, he starts walking.  But... he starts bumping into people almost instantly.  Good lord how many people are out and about today?  He sure can't tell with this vision]

I-I'm sorry! [God it sucks not being able to see]
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[Under one of the lit up trees, not too far from the plaza, is a young boy just slumped up against it with only new feathers white pants on.  Snow that had fallen from the tree branches above him is now on the top of his head, his shoulders and lap, but he's too far out of it to feel the icy sting on his skin.  It's obvious he's been out there for a little while already, with his slightly purple lips and rosy red cheeks.

Unfortunately, he won't be waking up any time soon.  Anyone want to try and wake the poor boy up before he freezes?]
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Hey guys, what's with all the lights?  I was walking around last night and they're everywhere!  Is something going on?  Another festival?

[He pauses for a moment, almost shutting his journal when--]  Oh right!  let's see...

[Voice - Broken filter to Jin and Terra]

There, I think I got it.  Hey Jin, Terra, could I not doing this right?  I though that was how you made a filter.. [A pause and some shuffling] How about now?  

...No?  That's weird, I guess I'm doing it wrong after all.  Oh well, I can do it without that.

So--Jin, Terra!  If you hear this, meet me at the battle dome, okay?  I'd like to train a bit more.


[Even though he has to wait until the evening for the lights to turn on, Seto will be out and about during the day, either at the battle dome, training/waiting for his two trainers to arrive or wandering around just outside of community building four, looking mighty sad because well--his two training partners never showed!

It's mainly at night when Seto will be seen all around the entire village, just looking at alllllll the pretty Christmas lights.  Not that he actually knows what they are but they're still beautiful!  He's never seen anything like them before, and it goes great with the snow too!   Will you bump into him as he walks through the colorfully lit up streets?  Or will he maybe bump into you since he isn't exactly paying attention?]

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[Accidental Video]

[The first thing to be recorded is Seto falling down on his butt in the snow.  His face and hair now covered in snow, as if snowball at hit him square in the face.  Which... one did actually.  He hadn't seen it coming.   He blinks once, then twice, then brushes the cold snow off his already pink cheeks, giving someone that can't be seen, a pout.]

What was that for??

[And then another voice in the background replies]
Ah... That's just how ya play the game. Sorry, Seto!

...Oh... [Totally unsure of what game this is, Seto decides to go ahead and give it a try himself.  Mimicking what he saw Firo do, he  gathers up some of the snow into a ball then hurls it at his target.  Luckily it hits right on]

H--Hey! [Firo pauses for a moment, then laughs] ...Good job.

[Seto just grins then stands up, reaching down to pick up the journal]  What's that game call-- [The feed cuts off as he shuts it]


[ Anyone about town may spot two Luceti residents taking full advantage of the winter wonderland. Seto and Firo can be found racing through the snow and happily pelting each other with snowballs or pooling their efforts to make a snowman that's only slightly lopsided.
It's such fun that Firo's too distracted to try for a pretense of maturity and Seto has overcome his worry about the snow. Though perhaps the loss of fear due to the many layers of winter clothes he's swaddled in, which make Seto bear some resemblance to a marchmallow. The snow splatters on their clothes show that they've been at this for a while.
Stop by and join the fun? Or perhaps get caught in the crossfire? ]
(ooc: Blue is Seto, green is Firo.  Action threads will be 3-person threads, the order will be You -> Seto -> Firo!  If you decide to reply by video/voice/written, those replies will come only from Seto. )

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[When the video turns on, it shows Seto sitting on the couch in his apartment, surrounded by dirty, old looking items.  Most of them are books and others could just be considered junk; shoes, an empty glass milk and soda bottle, letters,  a deflated balloon, a tin can, etc.  

But the one in his hand some may recognize to be a cellphone, an old model, but a cellphone nonetheless.  It's also pretty old looking, dirt practically staining it brown, replacing the red color it used to be, and some of the buttons are even missing on it.  And even though Seto doesn't know how to work a phone of all things, he knows that pressing the button under this thumb will play something.

And so he presses down on it, lighting up the screen though since it's cracked, it shows a bunch of different colors to show it's ruined.  Though just a second after it lights up, a girl's voice comes from it:]

"Oops, it's already recording!  Okay um....I'm on my way out to say goodbye to this world.  I might not make it very far, but even if I only make it one step, so long as time permits me, I want to see the world with my own two eyes.  I want to leave proof here that I existed in the world.  So, if there's anybody listening to this...please, remember me.  Remember that I was alive.

Dang that was pretty gloomy...I should've left it on a more positive note.  Ack!  I'm almost out of t--
" [And there the recording on the phone abruptly ends.  Giving the phone a small squeeze, Seto stares at it sadly]

....No matter how many times I listen and read these memories...No matter how long their faces are engraved in my head...I just don't get it!! [His eyes water up, but more in frustration than anything.  Realizing his grip on the phone, he puts it down with the other items] How do you figure out how someone died....when they didn't even know what was going on themselves?

They saw it coming but...they didn't even know what it was... [This time he picks up a wrinkled, sepia photograph, staring at it as tears well up in his eyes before reaching over to shut the journal] 
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[Lately all Seto can think about is home, probably because he has nothing better to do when laying in his bed.  Images of what's left of the cities and small villages flash through his mind.  Everything is so dominated by the wildlife he has no idea what it could have been like for those who lived there before...whatever happened to his world.  

But it dawns on him, other people must've lived in an alternate Japan right?  So why not ask them?  It'll give him something to do too so might as well.]

I've heard that some people here are from Japan.  A different Japan than other's but they're all similar in some way and I was wondering...what's it like there?  Are there a lot of people?  Is the red tower special?

[He goes quiet for a moment then lets out a soft, almost sad sounding chuckle]  I'm sorry, I'm just a little curious... [A pause] O-Of course I wouldn't mind hearing about other worlds too.  Anything is fine..


[Once the sun goes down, Seto will be out on the roof of community building three, just laying there to stare up at the stars.  To be honest it brings him comfort when he stares at shining lights in the sky.  For the past ten years at home, they have been his only company since his grandpa and him never really talked all too much, especially near the end of his life.

In any case, he'll be up there for a good majority of the night, he may even fall asleep]

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[I hurt...I tire...and I collapse.

When I'm staring into the darkness...I find myself somehow entranced by it.

Suddenly I hear laughter.  Fearless, mean...and yet calls to me.

The days we spent together are long gone, drifting away like clouds in the breeze.  Even though memories are often fleeting.

All I need to do is close my eyes and your face appears...clear, and forever young.

Seto sits quietly in the dull, doll filled room, his forehead resting on his knees as his shoulders give a small shake every now and then.  His hands run through his hair but stayed atop his head, his red-brown hair messily entwining around his fingers.  The flashlight that lays on the other side of the room shines on the young boy, making the silver skull ring on his finger sparkle.  In front of him is a crow's feather, just like it had appeared once before back in his world to signify that his best gone.  This place has taken it upon itself to snatch him away while reminding him where he died.  

The journal lies next to him, open and only recording the sniffles that come from Seto every now and then.  He mumbles quietly before shutting it]

Crow is gone.... [click]
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[Today Seto isn't going to really be on his journal, in fact he's feeling rather restless.  After talking to Terra about training, it got him thinking that he should be prepared for anything as well, who knows?  He might be drafted sooner or later and even though he doesn't exactly want to fight, he doesn't want to be weak either if he's thrown out there.

So for pretty much most of the day, Seto is going to be at the battle dome.  In his room the scenario is actually going to be this pretty dark decaying room with a little bit of moon light.  He's used to fighting in the dark so it's easier for him to fight like this.  

If you pass by his room you may hear giggling girls or maybe even crying ladies!  Don't be alarmed though, neither of those sounds will be coming from Seto.  You may even be able to catch him upstairs taking a break.

After all his practice is done, which will be around 8pm or so at night, Seto can be seen either in the grocery store or on the roof top of his building just watching the sky and eating some bread.]


[The feed comes on and at first all is quiet until Seto decides to finally speak]  Is anyone awake?  It's so quiet tonight...
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[In the young boy's sleep, Seto tosses and turns, pressing a button on the journal so the voice turns on.  His choked sobs can be heard along with the soft rustling of blankets.  Then all goes silent...

A scream.  Not loud enough to be considered a bloody murder scream, though it obviously sounds like he's in pain or he's scared.  He turns one more time in his bed and knocks the journal off and it shuts, cutting the audio off.  Don't bother reaching him through it right now, he's out cold.]


[For once Seto is in a relatively...sad mood today.  He's currently sitting in the living room area of his apartment, staring out the window to watch the rain hit the window repeatedly with thunder then lightning following.  This is pretty abnormal since his usual attitude is happy-go-lucky and sunshine everywhere.

His thoughts have been circling around the draft for the past few days.  That's what had even haunted his dreams this morning.  When he had first heard about the draft and what it actually frightened him.  People leaving to go fight in this war, how could he stop thinking about them?  It's late in the afternoon by the time Seto reaches for his journal, his voice trembling as he speaks]

...T-The people from the draft...are you okay...?  If you can hear this...answer...please...


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